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Ever wonder what happens on professional development days?

Tuesday, Nov. 2 is the first professional development day of the school year. For students, this means an extra long weekend and more time to play or relax. But for our teachers and many of our support staff, this is a day set aside specifically for them to learn.

Professional development days provide time for staff to learn new skills to implement in their classrooms, collaborate with others, and further develop their expertise. The district will hold three full days of professional development (PD) this year - one in November, January and April. 

Much of the focus of this first PD day will be on early literacy. Elementary teachers will engage in a number of literacy-focused sessions, as well as participate in Responsive Classrooms training. Responsive Classroom helps strengthen social, emotional and academic growth by creating safe and welcoming school communities. Middle school teachers will also focus on reading strategies and dig deeper into literacy data for their students. At the high school, teachers will participate in sessions related to Pathways career exploration, student engagement, and technology integration. They’ll also continue training in BARR (Building Assets and Reducing Risks), which is a relationship-based program designed to catch struggling students and provide them with the support and interventions they need to succeed.

Throughout the year, district staff will continue to focus on foundational literacy skills, social-emotional learning and support for students - all of which are essential as staff address the impact of the COVID pandemic on students’ learning. PD days are essential in giving teachers, administrators and support staff uninterrupted time to collaborate, learn and improve.

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